Our Choice Canada

Preserving Medical Freedom Through Education

It's In Our Hands.

Why Are We Here?

Medical freedom is an important topic for every citizen of Canada.

Medical freedom and parental rights are critical issues that involve YOU indefinitely!
Because this isn’t so much about medical freedom as it is about our human rights.
It’s about our ability to choose what is right for our families so long as we are given all the available information – good and bad.
Take away this right, and you’ve taken away one of the things that truly makes Canada so precious


Our Choice Walk is a vaccine education assembly.
With brave people and verifiable facts about vaccines, we intend to teach the people what we are not being told.
This is about gaining support in fighting the mandates that are slowly creeping into Canada with the intention to take away our right to choose.
If you vaccinate, selectively vaccinate, or don’t vaccinate
this issue requires your attention.

Families standing together in unity through education

Vaccine Choice Canada

The Truth Will Set Us Free

The time has come for all Canadians to stand together.

Our Choice Canada is an education session. Help us educate the public through a series of bold signs with the rarely told facts about vaccinations. Our desire is to make this a nation-wide event so we will need individuals to step up and help us bring this to fruition.

Pharmaceutical companies have captured governments and regulatory agencies all over the world. It’s time to take our power back.

Let’s share with the public what we already know.
Stand with us for freedom and your parental rights. No one can threaten or coerce you into making these huge decisions for your families.

Take a stand now before it’s too late.

Please join us in making a difference.

We are arranging multiple education assemblies throughout Canada. Let's stand united in education to keep our medical choices our own. 

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